OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001

The primary reason for implementing health and safety standards in your business is to increase effectiveness, safety, and quality of your service. This causes you to set the bar for your business high, but in the pursuit of running the best business possible, it should always be your goal to raise the bar higher whenever possible.

As information and resources about business management grow, it is important to take note of and follow the most up-to-date international standards available. This is especially important when it comes to health and safety because employees are the driving force behind any successful business. By providing a safe work environment, you are showing your employees and stockholders that you value your staff and are doing everything possible to keep them happy and healthy. The benefits of implementing only the best practices for your business are numerous, which is why we recommend all of our clients to transfer from OHSAS 18001 certification to ISO 45001. Since 1999, OHSAS 18001 certification was the international standard for Occupational Health Management Systems requirement, but soon, a new ISO standard will be replacing it; this standard is ISO 45001.

What the Change Means for your Business & How Aegis Services Can Help

Hearing that the standards you’ve worked so hard to achieve and maintain are changing can be distressing. There are timelines that need to be met, training that needs to happen for you and your staff, and other forms of compliance with the standards are all vital to your accreditation. Thankfully, the changes don’t have to be completed immediately, giving your time to seek out the resources you need to educate yourself on the changes coming. This is referred to as the “transition phase”, and with our help you can transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

For a 2-3 year period after the international standards are implemented, you will be required to begin adhering to the new guidelines. While it can be hard to identify, understand, and implement all the changes on your own, we will be with you the entire time. You will receive consultation, documentation, and training on the new standards as well as a quote on how you can bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the changes required for compliance. Once you’ve received the training and documentation, you’ll also receive the audit for your certification to ensure you meet the standards and if you are 100% compliant with the ISO 45001 standards, you will receive your certificate. This will allow you to be recognized as a business that implements the highest standard of occupational health and safety, and one that cares about their employees.

At Aegis Services, we understand that keeping your business compliant can be stressful, and changes can be difficult to implement. Our core value is “ISO Certification Kept Simple” because we want to help businesses in Qatar implement the best business practices possible without worrying about the headache of meeting the ever-evolving standards. Make the transition from OHSAS 180001 to ISO 45001 simpler, faster, and less expensive by working with Aegis Services for the best experience possible. Call us at +974-4466-2120 or reach us via email.


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