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      Quality Management Systems

      ISO 22000

      A company will strive to ensure that its goods are able to be consumed without constituting a risk to health. In a world where food products are transported around the globe and the food chain is becoming increasingly complex, the diversity of safety levels and the demands of national legislation have made it increasingly difficult to achieve this objective.

      As a result of the work of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 34, the ISO Standard 22000:2005 Food safety management systems: Requirements for any organization in the food chain was officially published in September 2005. If an organisation is part of the food chain, ISO 22000 requires the establishment of a food safety management system (FSMS) and usage of this system to ensure products do not inflict harmful effects on human health.

      ISO 22000

      The standard has the following objectives:

      • To enhance food safety
      • To ensure consumer protection
      • To strengthen consumer confidence
      • To Improves cost-efficiency across the food supply chain
      • To comply with the Codex HACCP principles
      • To harmonise the voluntary international standards
      • To provide an auditable standard that can be used either for internal audits, self-certification or third-party certification
      • The structure to align with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005
      • To provide communication of HACCP concepts internationally

      Difference between HACCP and ISO 22000

      In addition to the fact that HACCP is a food safety system, and that ISO 22000 is a food safety management system standard, differences between these two include:

      • ISO 22000 allows external experts to develop a food safety management system for any company and this includes implementing and verifying all or part of the activities involved in the system.
      • ISO 22000 requires risk analysis to assess every identified hazard to food safety.
      • ISO 22000 demands documentation of PRPs.
      • The traditional concept of dividing control measures into two groups is used by HACCP: preconditions and measures applied at critical control points (CCPs). Such principles are reorganized in a logical order in the case of ISO 22000 by adding a set of control steps called organizational precondition programs (oPRPs).

      HACCP AND ISO 22000 link

      Principles of HACCP, and precondition programs. ISO 22000 integrates the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ( HACCP) system and combines the HACCP plan with the Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) through auditable requirements.Prerequisite programs include all the minimum amenities and activities required to maintain a good hygiene adequate environment for manufacturing, managing and supply of safe final products all throughout food chain.

      HACCP principles

      There are seven principles of HACCP plan that can be implemented in ISO 22000- safety management system are:

      • To Conduct a hazard analysis.
      • To Determine the critical control points.
      • To Establish essential limits.
      • To Establish monitoring procedures.
      • To Establish verification procedures.
      • To Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures.

      Implementation of ISO 22000:

      ISO 22000 combines commonly recognized key food safety elements along the food chain:

      • Interactive Communication
      • HACCP Principles
      • System Management
      • Prerequisite programs

      Benefits of ISO 22000:

      Benefits of implementing ISO 22000 include:

      • Auditable global standard
      • International recognition
      • Enhanced business liability protection
      • Improved audit and inspection readiness
      • Enhanced regulatory compliance
      • Interactive communication within the business, with
      • Outside agencies, customers and suppliers
      • Compatibility with established system of quality management, such as ISO 9001
      • All the benefits of HACCP

      In figure below ISO 22000 benefits analysis is done.As illustrated in the figure, the most common benefit ISO 22000 cited by the companies surveyed was “Improvement of food protection methodologies and procedures and documents relevant to the management program (50%), accompanied by “improvement of consumers and other involved parties happiness” with a ranking of 32.2%. As it was checked for the reasons for the ISO 22000 credential, the most significant advantage identified by the respondent companies was internal.

      Benefits Analysis


      ISO 22000 is an international standard that can be applied to any type of food industry and applies throughout the world. Any industry associated with food grains , food processors, food warehouses, food processing equipment, food packaging materials, food cleaning agents, food additives, and food ingredients may apply for ISO 22000.Aegis Services helped many organizations in getting the ISO 22000 certification in Qatar.

      How Aegis Services can Help?

      • ISO 22000 Documentation: Preparation of all the necessary ISO 22000 documents can be a challenging task.

      At Aegis Services we recognize the differences between companies and also understand what the standards mean by their different clauses to achieve. Aegis Services lean on years of experience to prepare tailor-made ISO 22000 documents which are guaranteed to comply with all ISO 22000 standard clauses for any type of organization.

      • ISO 22000 Training Courses: A strong first phase towards achieving your goal of certifying your company as per the ISO 22000 standard is to train your employees who are going to practically implement ISO 22000 in daily operations.

      The aim of the ISO 22000 Awareness Training is to provide the participants with an overview of the standard ISO 22000 requirements and clause interpretations. The awareness training in ISO 22000 can be delivered within one or two days.

      How to get ISO 22000 in Qatar:

      Aegis Services is one of the recognized ISO 22000 Certifications Consultants in Qatar, we believe in improvement by practically implementing ISO 22000 standard rather than just certification. Aegis Services ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certified Consultants will guide you through each step and will train your staff so that not only certification is guaranteed but the profitability is also increased after the implementation of the standard. We will motivate your employees to take active participation in developing food safety management systems. Our methodologies will make the system’s practicality easy. So contact Aegis Services today to stand out in the Qatar Food supply chain.



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