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      Quality Management Systems

      ISO 14001

      Environmental problems have come to live in business life. The consequences of the numerous environmental problems demand companies to change everything from supply chain to operations. The environment, however, is no longer just a factor which restricts the operations of companies. It’s part of everything companies do and it’s becoming more and more an opportunity instead of representing a threat. Companies are challenged to take advantage of these opportunities to try to improve their competitiveness and grow stronger so they can combat threats.

      ISO 14001

      Aegis Services shows you how these issues can be approached in different ways and how different approaches can be taken to solving.

      the problems they raise. What makes Aegis Services Different that we think and act in a different way when dealing with ISO 14001.Real life examples of the ways in which the successful and average think and act provide a clear interpretation of what ISO sections are 14001 standards actually mean. The official language of formality is transformed into daily activities.

      What an EMS Is

      EMS stands for environmental management system. An EMS is a method of planning and operation utilized by a company or other entity to control how it deals with the environmental world. By way of an EMS, a corporation can continuously enhance its environmental performance and, in turn, continuously improve its economic efficiency and reduce its chance of environmental liability.

      All environmental management systems are constructed around the way a firm operates.

      A well-designed EMS is based on proven strategic management principles and allows a company to proactively, strategically and comprehensively tackle major and costly aspects of its operations.

      Without an EMS, a company can only react to environmental disasters, public complaints, ever more strict government regulations, environmental lawsuits and, of course, be undermined by more progressive and effective competitors.

      A productive EMS not only improves environmental performance and reduces an enterprise’s operating costs but also reduces the risk of environmental liabilities now and in the future.


      Some ISO 14001 definitions

      1. Environment:

      The surroundings in which an organization operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, humans, and the interaction between them.

      2. Environmental policy

      A statement by the organization of its intentions and principles in relation to its overall environmental performance. This provides A Structure for Policy and its environmental targets.

      3. Environmental objectives

      The overall environmental objective that an organization sets for itself, and is quantified where feasible.

      4. Environmental Aspects

      The elements of the activities, products or services of an organisation, which can interact with the environment.

      5. Environmental Impact

      Any environmental change, adverse or positive, directly or indirectly arising from the operations, goods or services of an entity.

      Implementation of ISO 14001

      Aegis Services presents the essentials for an Environmental Management System, to help organizations formulate policy and objectives which take account of legislative requirements and information about significant environmental impacts. The environmental sustainability standard based on ISO 14001 extends to any company wishing to:

      • Implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system;
      • Make sure it conforms with its stated environmental policy;
      • Demonstrate conformity to others;
      • Seek certification/registration of its environmental management
      • System by an external organization;
      • Determine and declare its conformity with the ISO 14001 Standard.

      Benefits of ISO 14001:2015

      Why should a company implement ISO 14001? There are several benefits including:

      • Reduced electricity and resource costs – made manufacturing operations more reliable and cost-effective by using green energy sources and contributing to less in-house waste. It is the number one advantage for an organization to implement an EMS according to some experts.
      • Reduced waste management costs – with less waste produced by the business, the costs of trash disposal and off-site processing are cut significantly. Companies should create a structure during implementation that puts under the microscope any stage of their waste treatment, from collection to marking and eventually transport and disposal.
      EM ISO 14001
      • Improved company image and marketability – an article in Forbes shows that while customers are not willing to pay extra for a green business, they now expect sustainability to be a baseline. If a company fails to meet its green goals or implement any kind of positive change in the environment, customers are likely to punish this organization and shop elsewhere.
      • ISO 14001 certification guarantees that a business follows existing environmental standards and can serve as a credential showing that all future clients and stakeholders take sustainability issues seriously.
      • Pre-qualification in tendering processes.

      What ISO 14001 Requires:

      ISO 14001 requires organizations to recognize elements of the environment. The operations, goods or services, and their impact evaluation On the environment, so that targets and objectives for reducing major impacts and enhancing environmental efficiency may be set.

      ISO 14001 Requirements

      The requirements of ISO 14001 include:

      • Development of an environmental policy
      • Identification of environmental aspects and evaluation of associated
      • Environmental impact
      • Establishing applicable legislative and administrative requirements
      • Development and sustainment of environmental goals and objectives
      • Implementation of a documented system including training elements;
      • Operational controls and dealing with emergencies

      What we deliver in the ISO 14001 standard and certification area in Qatar

      Qatar has excess numbers of businesses, and industrial development contributes to environmental and imbalances facets. To hold the balance and not let factories destroy the ecological aspects we have a certification named as ISO 14001 Certification.

      Why should you choose us?

      ISO 14001 Aegis Services Consultants Are independent and impartial in everything we do. We have highly experienced professional consultants who help your organization implement ISO 14001 in Qatar. Our programs do not stop with the Approval, but instead we help our customers keep their program running.

      Contact us now to have your company ISO 14001:2015 accredited in the most reliable and successful way while understanding the true benefits of certification using our advanced ISO implementation approach that is less time-consuming, fast, simple to understand and execute, result-oriented, time-bound and cost-efficient.



      Any questions?

      Any questions?