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      ISO 41001


      Management of the facility is composed of several departments that affect organisations’ performance and competitiveness. Facility administration is one of today’s fast-growing vocational and organizational fields. Whatever sector it is or the size at which the business runs, an organization today needs an advanced facilities management program to help create a structured work infrastructure. FM has broad influence on the organization and community, but there is limited global awareness of its values and activities.

      The ISO 41001:2018 Standard provides the companies with an ideal way to achieve business growth. A comprehensive Facility Management System framework which would describe a standard global organizational structure and support network.

      WHAT ARE THE Main Advantages OF ISO 41001:2018 facility Management STANDARD SYSTEM?

      The aim of the Facility Management Program is to develop operational facilities consistent with global standards. It helps companies to achieve a strategic advantage in this fast-paced environment. It allows the organisations to attain success by equipping them with business best practices, universal values, definitions and terminology etc.

      • ISO 41001 has the ability to make a huge difference for organisations by improving health and welfare of the workforce, reducing the effect on the environment and allowing substantial cost reductions and efficiencies.
      • Improved communication of requirements and methodologies.
      • ISO 41001 can support organisations in a range of areas by creating a standard methodology and a series of procedures that can be applied to around the world as a benchmark for designing and implementing an effective strategic, logistical, and organizational FM program that helps FM teams achieve maximum effectiveness.
        Improved service consistency.
      • Facility management is the organizational role that combines individuals, locations and procedures in the built environment with the goal of enhancing people’s quality of life and core company efficiency.


      Facility Management Framework lets you keep the company on top of ever-changing developments in the area of corporate growth and facilities. The FM programs must be continuously strengthened, taking into account the administration, procedures, and upkeep of the operational facilities.

      ISO 41001 has been introduced to define the specifications that must be met by a facilities management program in organizations which:

      • Need to illustrate the effectiveness and quality of service operations and whether it adds to the goals of the organization
      • Pursue coherence in the interpretation of the specifications and desires of all stakeholders interested in the operation of the facility and
      • Look for sustainable growth in a highly competitive climate.

      How to Get ISO 41001:2018 Certification?

      Including plant operations, ISO 41001:2018 encompasses the quality requirements which can be implemented to achieve the best degree of efficiency. Certification can be obtained by contacting Aegis Services today, Our experts consultants will provide you trainings as well so your organization can get full benefit from this standard.

      Speak to specialist ISO experts to learn more about ISO 41001: 2018 Standard. We will assist you depending on your criteria in the ISO Certifications, Assessment , Training and Audit services.

      Our department will be able to help you through the entire process of ISO certification. Get a free consultation set up immediately!


      Qatar Facility Management Services is a very large and rising field of the industry. Development of infrastructure projects is a crucial aspect of economic development in Qatar.

      Consequently, a Facility Management Standard which sets the industry apart by adopting global best practices and policies is obviously a win-win situation for FM organizations and customers in the field.

      This strengthens consumer trust and encourages market success by gaining creditworthiness and credibility as a first-class service organization.



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      Any questions?