Right Individuals with ISO 22301

The key focus of ISO 22301 is providing a game plan for you to get back to business-per-usual as quickly as possible after a man made or natural disaster.

In this issue, the ISO 22301 experts with AEGIS Services will discuss how you can ensure you have the right people in place to lead your business back to profitability.

The Importance of ISO 22301 Certification

Being ISO 22301 certified assures your customers and stakeholders (investors, vendors, partners, etc.) that you have a business plan (Business Continuity Plan) in place to not only withstand – but overcome – virtually any obstacle.

How Do I Make Sure the Right people are in Place?

In order for your Business Continuity Plan to have any chance of success, it’s vital that roles and responsibilities are clear, and that the right people are in place to complete them.

As you assign specific roles, you need to be clear with what the responsibilities are. A simplified way to select the right person for the job is to follow this order:

  1. Identify the skill set and abilities that are essential for successfully performing that role/task
  2. Pinpoint the experiences that person will need to have in order to be effective in the role/task
  3. Specify his or her responsibilities within that specific role/task

If you’re having difficulty finding the right fit for a particular role, take advantage of the ISO 22301 with emphasis on continual training. A host of web-based or group training offerings are available that will help you and the individual you have in mind grow into the role.

To Get Started, Get in Touch with AEGIS Services

Here at AEGIS Services, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for helping businesses and organizations ensure they are still operational when threats and disasters strike.

By developing an effective Business Continuity Plan and obtaining ISO 22301 certification, you’re assuring your stakeholders that doing business with you is a wise and safe choice – and that they can count on you to always have a backup plan.

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