Among the most important assets of your business is your data and information. Seemingly, on a daily basis, we see news reports of companies having their data stolen by hackers. With ISO 27001 certification, however, you’ll have a plan of action in place that will ensure you, your business partners and your customers that their data is safe.

What is ISO 27001 certification?

Briefly, ISO 27001 certification is the de facto standard recognized internationally, specifically for information management. This standard establishes a process your business can follow to ensuring the safety and security of your information. By being certified for ISO 27001, you’ll be able to ensure that:

  • confidential information is secured;
  • information or data can only be changed by authorized users;
  • you’ll save money because of no interruption to service or data leaks;
  • responsibilities are streamlined, which removes any guesswork while improving structure and focus;
  • the need for frequent audits will be reduced; and
  • you’ll be able to secure a vital marketing edge

What type of industries need ISO 27001 certification?

One of the great things about ISO 27001 certification is that it suits practically any industry or organization regardless of size. It’s especially ideal for the banking, financial, health, public and information technology (IT) industries.

Another benefit of ISO 27001 certification is the process itself. By going through the certification process, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of the potential security risks to your business’s information and data;
  • Implement a system that covers the breadth of your business;
  • Make your workers and third-party vendors aware of any weaknesses so that they, too, can take action; and
  • Position your IT department so that they are constantly up to date with the latest protection protocols.

If you’re ready to improve the safety of your data through ISO 27001 certification, get in touch with Aegis Services W.L.L.

Finding the right vendor for your business’s certification process is crucial. Here at AEGIS, we have a host of high caliber trainers, auditors and consultants for a variety of industries.

We’re committed to completing your certification process quickly, and will provide you with systematic and organized documentation, with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Once you have completed our online enquiry form, we’ll conduct a free gap analysis of your organization, and provide a quote. From which training sessions will be scheduled and a pre-audit will be conducted. The final audit will be performed by certification auditors. We will even provide assistance so that you can satisfy any non-conformance records.

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