Impact of ISO 22000 on the Food Industry

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is an international standard for food safety that companies are intended to follow to make sure their food products are safe and healthy for customers to eat. Companies must develop their products by following these rules and guidelines so the highest quality food product is developed.

Not only was ISO 22000 developed to keep our food supply safe, but it also helps level the playing field in the food industry so all countries and companies can compete in a fair environment. There can be extreme consequences of unsafe food and ISO 22000 aims to combat the potential issues through its standards that help the food industry identify and control certain food safety hazards.

Since ISO 22000 has been implemented, more than 32,000 food organizations have adopted these sets of rules and regulations all over the world.

What are the benefits and how does it impact the food industry?

There are a host of benefits we see from the implementation of ISO 22000. One of the largest benefits of these regulations are for developing countries. It provides these countries with a clear standard of food safety that must be followed so their goods can be exported to other countries for profit.

ISO 22000 also provides customers with the peace of mind and confidence that the foods they are buying are safe and healthy for human consumption. The market will perform better when customers are aware their food is safe and that ongoing safety regulations are constantly implemented and improved upon.

Furthermore, this benefits the organization producing the food as well. It gives the company the confidence in knowing that food production practices have taken all the right steps to ensure their food supply is safe and healthy for customers to consume. In return, stakeholders within the company can feel comfortable knowing the production company can identify and control their food safety and standards so there is little potential for hazardous food contamination.

This type of food safety regulation also provides a means of being able to continually improve food safety regulations. ISO 22000 consistently reviews and updates its rules and regulations so that all services related to food within each company are optimized for safety and efficiency.

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