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      HACCP vs. ISO 22000: The Difference Between the Two Standards

      HACCP vs. ISO 22000

      HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) was first invented by a team of scientists who worked for the Pillsbury Company. The goal of this standard was to make food products with absolutely no defects. Since the implementation in the late 1980’s, it has been the most widely accepted and most successful food safety standard and regulatory process throughout the world. The main goal is to prevent and effectively control any risks that are associated with potential hazards in the food production process. HACCP has three main principles and include the following:

      1. “Identification and assessment of hazards associated with the food product;
      2. Determination of the critical control points to control the identified hazards; and
      3. Establishment of a system to monitor the critical control points.”

      In 2005, there was the introduction of ISO 22000 after there were several wide spread issues with individual food production companies developing their own food safety standards. There are few differences between HACCP and ISO 22000.

      In the most basis sense, HACCP is meant to monitor potential food safety hazards that can be used alone or with other regulations. ISO 22000 is a broader food safety system that is fully based on quality principles. HACCP is a risk management tool that prevents food safety hazards from ever occurring in the first place. ISO 22000 incorporates the HACCP principles and regulations. However, it is turned into a much broader framework so that it can be used as a management system that allows constant performance improvement in food safety and manufacturing process.

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