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      HACCP Hand in Hand with ISO 22000

      HACCP Hand in Hand with ISO 22000

      HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) was first created to make food products safe for customers to eat and to make food products without any defects. It was first implemented in the late 1980s and has been the most widely accepted and used food safety standard throughout the world. The main goal of HACCP is to most effectively control any potential risks that are associated to the food production process. The standard aims to prevent these risks before they even have the chance to happen.

      Beginning in the 2000s, issues were starting to arise when several large food production companies began to create their own food safety standards. This made it challenging for suppliers to fulfill all of the necessary requirements throughout the global market.

      Therefore, ISO 22000 was introduced to help combat this issue. It was not meant to replace HACCP, but to work in conjunction with the original food safety standard. ISO 22000 is a broader food safety and regulation system that is based on quality principles. It incorporates the HACCP principles and regulations. Essentially, ISO 22000 strengthens the HACCP principles and systems.

      HACCP focuses on the cleanliness and sanitation of a food production facility, the equipment, the products they make, etc., and this must meet government and municipal standards of quality and cleanliness. It identifies and assesses what may be hazardous and threaten the safety of food in a facility. On the other hand, ISO 22000 is a quality control method or system that combines those HACCP requirements, but takes on a broader perspective and takes into consideration all of the supporting food production processes as well.It makes the final production of food in food production facilities as healthy and safe for customers as possible. ISO allows for constant performance improvement in food safety and manufacturing process.

      We at Aegis Services are committed to helping an array of companies gain their ISO Certifications in Qatar and understand the differences between certain standards and regulations. We seek to keep the certification process, simple, hassle-free, and cost effective and make sure all of our clients thoroughly understand what regulation standard is best for their company. If you are ready to apply for your company’s certification in any/all sections, please contact our team at Phone: +974-4466-2120 or Email: email.



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