HACCP Certification

Sadly, stories of food recall warnings to consumers are common in news cycles throughout the world. While errors do happen, it can take some businesses years to recover from the loss of business and damaged reputation.

To protect your business and to show that you produce and trade in safe food, it is in your best interest to achieve a HACCP certification.

What is HACCP certification?

Standing for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, HACCP certification is the platform demonstrating good manufacturing practices for all sectors of the food industry. Once in place, you’ll be able to use it as a process control system for identifying potential trouble spots in your food production process.

Through the HACCP certification process, you’ll be able to prioritize and control issues that could result in contaminates at the microbiological, chemical and physical level.

The principles forming the core of HACCP certification are:

  • Conducting an analysis to identify possible food hazards;
  • Determining your critical control points;
  • Establishing control limits (e.g. minimum acceptable cooking times and temperatures, etc.);
  • Designing an actionable game plan for corrective actions; and
  • The creation of a method for documentation, testing and record keeping.

Who should have HACCP certification?

If you’re in the food industry at any level, you need HACCP certification.

Is HACCP certification mandatory?

While the European Union and other governmental bodies do have regulations in place regarding food businesses, full HACCP certification is not mandatory. This actually works in your favor from a consumer standpoint. Being HACCP certified illustrates that you and your business are going beyond to ensure the safety of your consumers.

Do HACCP certificates expire?

Even though there will be no expiration date on your HACCP certificate, it’s definitely in your best interest to review your HACCP system on a regular basis – especially when there has been a change to the process or upon the introduction of new equipment.

How do I get my food business HACCP certified?

When selecting your HACCP auditor, be sure to choose one with an understanding of the HACCP standards and principles. They will use a host of tools and techniques to examine and evaluate your business practices.

If you’re ready to set your food business apart from the others with HACCP certification, contact AEGIS Services.

HACCP certification informs your customers and vendors know you take their safety seriously. While governmental bodies throughout the world do mandate certain measures with food preparation, a certification for HACCP shows that you’ve gone well beyond the basic minimums and can be trusted.

To get started, simply request a quote here, so that we can begin the gap analysis based upon existing ISO standards and your business. Keep in mind that the gap analysis is completely free to you. For further information or inquiries please contact AEGIS at 974-4466-2120 or email us at [email protected].


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