ISO 14001 Certification

At its core, ISO 14001 is a framework for businesses and organizations to minimize their environmental impact. Established by the International Organization for Standardization, the idea is to be smarter in the use of resources.

In this issue, the ISO certification experts at AEGIS Services will explain the numerous benefits practically any business or organization – large or small – can expect by becoming ISO 14001 certified.

Why should I care about my business’s environmental impact?

Concern about the environment and our impact on it is not a passing fad. The restructuring of entire industries – including automobile, food, and retail – are being carried to get the most efficient use of their resources – thus, saving money – and to meet a growing insistence by consumers that businesses they support are environmentally responsible.

In fact, a recent survey found that a whopping 75 percent of consumers would refuse to purchase a product from a company that supported issues that weren’t in line with their own beliefs.

By earning ISO 14001, you’re able to provide your customers and vendors with tangible evidence that your organization is committed to recognizing and managing is environmental impact.

How much will it cost my business to become ISO 14001 compliant?

Business owners actually stand to gain significantly more income from ISO 14001 compliance. By selecting a qualified ISO certification vendor like AEGIS Services, you’ll receive personalized consultation that will guide you every step of the way on your path to certification.

Among the numerous ways you’ll see a financial return on this investment are:

  • The growth of a larger customer base committed to doing business with an organization that is able to demonstrate environmental responsibility.
  • A dramatic reduction in costs thanks, in part, to an emphasis on cost control, and a process designed to identify and eliminate causes for common incidents that halt production.
  • The reduction of employee turnover, as workers actively engaged in a team effort to protect an organization’s environmental efforts tend to be more loyal, resulting in savings on training and recruitment.
  • The flexibility to meet new legal requirements for change on various issues that are mandated by various governmental agencies.
  • A host of tax incentives available for business and organizations who adopt environmentally friendly policies.

If you’re ready to realize the power of ISO 14001 certification, get in touch with AEGIS Services

While obtaining ISO certification is a process, it’s one that we have streamlined and can tailor specifically for your business, regardless of size or industry.

Simply complete enquiry form, from which we’ll carryout a free gap analysis based upon existing ISO 14001 standards and your business. We’ll then offer a training schedule, followed by a pre-audit. Certification Auditors will conduct the final audits and reports.

We’ll work with you to satisfy any issues that do not meet conformity.

Once you’ve received ISO compliancy, you’ll be presented with a certification certificate.

To learn more, call Aegis Services L.L.C. at 974-4466-2120 or reach us via email.


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