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      Find Out Why ISO 9001 Certification Isn’t Just For Big Business

      It’s tempting to think of ISO 9001 certification as something that only benefits big businesses and is simply too difficult for small businesses to implement. Simply – not true.

      In this issue, the ISO certification experts at Aegis Services will talk about the numerous ways ISO 9001 certification can payoff for small business, and how easily it can be done.

      How Can ISO 9001 Certification Benefit My Small Business?

      In short, ISO 9001 certification improves every facet of your business.

      As we wrote in a previous entry, at its core ISO 9001 certification is a structured improvement initiative. It’s your commitment to seek continual improvement and reassures your existing and potential customers that you can be counted on to provide a certain standard of business.

      The efficient management process that is a natural byproduct of ISO 9001 certification leads to employees knowing exactly what is expected of them, reduced inefficiencies, and an improved level of customer service.

      In terms of landing new customers, being ISO 9001 certified makes you a competitor. Simply put, in today’s economy, many potential customers will not risk doing business with an organization that is not ISO 9001 certified. If your competitors are certified and you are not, you’re essentially leveling the playing field by becoming certified.

      Is the Process of Becoming ISO 9001 Certified Expensive?

      Not at all. Professional consultants like the ones at AEGIS can be utilized on a short-term basis to guide you through every step of the process successfully.

      Does ISO 9001 Require a Lot of Documentation?

      No. In fact, most businesses are provided with a few guidelines to help them choose how they want to document their efforts. Under the latest ISO guidelines, the required amount of documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance is up to the individual business or organization.

      Even better, there’s no required form of medium for documentation. Meaning, you can keep your documentation in electronic format, paper, photograph, etc.

      Even better, there’s no required form of medium for documentation. Meaning, you can keep your documentation in electronic format, paper, photograph, etc.

      The required documentation are:

      • The breadth of your quality management system
      • Your quality policy
      • The objectives of your quality

      Here at Aegis Services, our core company value is “ISO certification kept simple.” We remove the stress of the certification process and focus helping you through the process.

      To get started, simply complete the enquiry form, so that we can begin the gap analysis based upon existing ISO standards and your business. Keep in mind that the gap analysis is completely complimentary to you.

      The implementation of ISO 9001 certification can be an easy process for businesses and organizations of any size, and we are here to help you.

      If you are ready to distinguish your business from your competitors with an ISO certification, contact AEGIS Services today at 974-4466-2120 via email.



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      Any questions?