In preparing to go through the process of ISO certification, some business owners mistakenly believe they must invest in hiring a full-time employee devoted solely to overseeing the ISO initiative. In reality, an ISO consultant can guide you through the entire process of an ISO certification at a fraction of the cost.

In this issue, the ISO experts at AEGIS Services will discuss why leveraging the skills and expertise of an ISO consultant is in your best interest.

If you decide to add ISO responsibilities to an employee already working for you, you’ll likely have to invest in extensive training just to get them up to speed with ISO requirements and the certification process. With the added responsibilities, the employee will also likely want additional compensation – and rightly so.

For a one-time investment, which is substantially less than a full-time ISO employee, your business gets the advantage of an ISO certification expert who can bring an outside perspective to the process to identify potential areas of vulnerability. The consultant will also be vital in keeping your employees on schedule with the certification process, and brainstorm for solutions to overcome any unforeseen barriers that arise along the way.

How Do I Select the Right ISO Consultant for My Business?

Selecting the right ISO consultant for your business is vital to the certification process, so be strategic and do your homework while making your choice.

Here are a few things you should consider before making a decision:

It’s crucial that you know what kind of support is needed. Determine whether you need help with internal auditing, management, implementation, etc., and find a consultant specializing in those areas.

Qualified ISO consultants should be able to provide you with a list of clients whom they have helped. Ask which projects were their toughest, and how they overcame the difficulty in achieving certification.

This establishes whether they have an understanding of your field.

Ask what they will offer if you are not satisfied with their work.

Because ISO certification is a process, it’s vital that you leverage the skills and expertise of a provider who knows how to successfully see it through.

Here at AEGIS Services, our core company value is “ISO certification kept simple.” We’ll work with you to satisfy any issues that do not meet conformity.

Simply complete our enquiry form, from which we’ll carryout a free gap analysis based upon existing ISO standards and your business. We’ll then offer a training schedule, followed by a pre-audit. Certification Auditors will conduct the final audits and reports.

Once you’ve received ISO compliancy, you’ll be presented with a certification certificate.To learn more, call Aegis Services L.L.C. at 974-4466-2120 or reach us via email.


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