Because of the rapidly changing business landscape, the way leaders think through “what might happen if…” scenarios play a pivotal role in the way their businesses and organizations are positioned to react to threats.
This line of thinking is known as risk management, and it’s vital to the progress of virtually every organization’s processes. If you do not have an effective risk management plan in place or you want to model yours around an internationally-recognized benchmark, ISO 31000 can prove to be an invaluable tool.
In this issue, the ISO experts at AEGIS Services will explain the value of ISO 31000 to organizations regardless of size or industry and point you in the right direction for starting the process.

What is Risk Management?

At its core, risk management is the continual identification, assessment, and contingency (preparation) plans for threats to the daily procedures of an organization.
Such threats can come in the form of natural disasters, management errors, legal liabilities, financial uncertainty, cyber-attacks, etc.

What is ISO 31000?

It’s important to understand that ISO 31000 is not a certification program. Rather, it provides you with a framework so that you can better manage risks unique to your business organization.
With ISO 31000, management is guided to effective allocation of resources for potential threats.

How Can My Organization Benefit from ISO 31000?

By helping leaders make better-informed decisions for their organizations, the thoughtful process of risk management through ISO 31000 generates ancillary benefits:

  • While the avoidance of all risk is nearly impossible, risk management through ISO 31000 can help management identify threats – many of which are unknown ahead of time – and deflect as many of them as possible.
  • Better communication and an environment marked by teamwork are common as key personnel from different departments work together to strategize for contingency plans.
  • Organizations with ISO 31000 often experience a competitive edge due to a customer’s rightly perceived commitment to service regardless of risk.
  • Operational costs are lowered due to the strategic management of risks unique to the organization ahead of time, rather than ill-advised reactions often made by management that has not taken the time to prepare for emergencies.

Here at AEGIS Services, we earned our reputation for providing effective and no-nonsense ISO enactment, and are committed to taking away the stress often associated with taking on such an endeavor. The experts at AEGIS will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you and your organization are comfortable and satisfied with the implementation of the chosen ISO.
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