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How to Achieve Management Buy-in for ISO 31000

How to Achieve Management Buy-in for ISO 31000

While not a certification program per se, ISO 31000 is a framework to help you identify and navigate the various threats unique to your business. It’s not a one-size-fits-all tool because each organization is different – even if they are in the same industry. Hence, you’ll need to customize the approach to fit your own needs.

How Can I Integrate ISO 31000 with Key Stakeholders?

Rather than issuing separate documents that will likely be filed away and forgotten by even the most senior-level people in your organizations, one of the most effective ways to integrate ISO 31000 risk assessment responsibilities is by building them directly into job descriptions and responsibilities.

This method is most effective when recruiting new personnel and during job performance reviews.
Here are a few examples for how you can include such responsibilities into individual roles:

  • Board Member

    Responsible for overseeing risk management efficiency and effectiveness
    Review and make decisions about risk as it relates to organization activities
    Establish risk-adjusted performance goals for senior management team

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Establish risk management framework
    Develop, implement and manage risk identification strategy as it relates to budgets and business plans

  • Department Manager

    Identify and assess threat levels of potential risks
    Assign resources that are vital to managing and minimizing risks in areas of responsibility

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Here at AEGIS Services, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for helping businesses and organizations ensure they’re still operational when threats and disaster strike.
By obtaining ISO 31000, you’re assuring your stakeholders that doing business with you is a wise and safe choice – and that they can truly count on you.
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